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Strike’s mission is to bring a first-class and flexible approach to your communications needs. We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, across a range of sectors, including arts and culture, charities, public sector bodies, further and higher education, and general B2B. Whatever your budget, we can help you get more from your comms.

We have a small core team, led by founder Catherine Frankpitt, which means that you get a really personal service from us. We see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ teams – so whether you need a sounding board or advice on managing an issue, additional resource to deliver a one-off project, or ongoing support with your day-to-day communications, we are there to support you.

We are passionate about what we do – nothing makes us happier than helping our clients do well.


Communications Strategy

Having an effective communications strategy will help you achieve your business goals and ensure you are focusing your resources and budgets in the right place.

We can create a strategy that is aligned to your objectives, built on understanding of your key audiences, with clear measures of success.

Or we can do a review of your existing strategy and communications activities to see how well they’re working for you, and then update them to guarantee they are right for now.

Whether you’re a large organisation or a micro one, having a strategy and clear sense of direction will guarantee you achieve better results.

Media Relations

Media relations is our bread and butter. That thrill of a great piece of media coverage never goes away.

Getting decent media exposure in the right places, however, is not always easy – there are so many organisations competing for coverage, fewer journalists, media outlets driven by click-through rates, and nationally, news is always dominated by half a dozen stories on repeat.

We have the experience, the relationships with journalists and the understanding of what it takes to land the right coverage. (As well as how to try and avoid it at times). We keep close to the news agenda and are quick to spot if there’s a media opportunity for you. And we’ll be honest with you if we think that story your boss is insisting on isn’t going to fly. We can create one-off press releases, statements, opinion pieces and announcements, or develop and manage an ongoing media relations programme for you.

media relations

Creative Campaigns

Creative campaigns come in all shapes and sizes – they are not just for large corporates.

We are committed to delivering impactful communications for all of our clients. Whilst we love the opportunity to deliver an all singing, all dancing campaign, some of our most rewarding and successful campaigns have been for small charities who have never spent money on their communications before and we’ve had to get extra creative with the budget.

We can deliver a campaign for you using a range of tactics and communications channels, designed with our perfect balance of strategic thinking and creativity. Activities include development of campaign identity and materials, digital and social media (organic and paid-for), media relations, online and in-person events, and advertising.

Crisis Management

The best way to manage a crisis is to prevent it from happening. Sometimes though, that just isn’t possible, so whether you find yourself in the middle of a crisis or just want to be prepared for one, we can work with you to prevent or limit the damage and help you weather the storm.

We can advise and manage the approach to media, prepare you for media interviews, support your social media engagement, deal with internal and other stakeholder communications, and, in the worst-case scenario, help move the story on and rebuild your reputation.

We have worked on national and even international crises, as well as smaller and more localised issues, so nothing phases us. You can trust us entirely to support you and feel safely reassured in our hands.



The average attention span is apparently seven seconds. That means that every word you write must count. Being able to write well is not the same as copywriting for impact.

We love the challenge of crafting great copy, no matter what the subject matter, and can turn our hand to pretty much anything you need. From website copy to corporate suite materials, to blogs and speeches – we can create content that turns the bland into the brilliant.

It’s worth regularly reviewing your communications and marketing to evaluate how well it’s working. We can undertake a review of your existing materials to assess them. We can also create an updated and refreshed brand positioning, with a new messaging toolkit that you can use across all your communications channels, to ensure your words are resonating with your audiences.

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