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Pahar Trust Nepal

Pahar Trust Nepal is a Bristol-based and Isle of Man charity that builds and refurbishes schools, health centres and other essential buildings in the rural communities of Nepal. In the last 30 years, the charity has delivered around 250 building projects, including renovating 159 schools – benefitting over 40,000 students.


To raise their profile and support their fundraising, which has been negatively impacted by COVID-19.


Strike created a 12-month campaign to run throughout 2021, called ’30 For 30’ – celebrating their 30 years of working in Nepal and aiming to raise £50,000 to support 30 schools to improve their teaching provision and facilities for pre-primary school children aged 1-5 years old.

Reflecting the charity’s limited budget and resources, the campaign was designed to be predominantly digital and social media-led, supported with media relations. High profile campaign ambassadors were secured to help amplify the campaign, including Bristol-born Professor Alice Roberts and author and photographer Levison Wood.

Whilst the campaign runs for the whole of 2021, three key activities were created for maximum points of impact and to encourage people to get involved. Designed to be adaptable depending on COVID restrictions, Freestyle February was the first of these activities, inviting people to do 30 things of their choice. Activities during this month included Laughter Yoga, Zoom-bombing from an alpaca and pebble painting.

In May, Nepali Night In gave the opportunity for people to have a Nepali feast at home, cooking recipes specially created for Pahar Trust Nepal by Isle of Man chef and PTN supporter, Shri Naik, with a drinks menu designed by well-known TV food and drink critic Andy Clarke.

The last of the three main activities – Tiffin Day – will take place later in the year.


  • Just five months into the campaign, the fundraising has reached almost £30,000 out of the total £50,000 target.
  • In just the first month of the campaign, social media engagement had increased dramatically: Twitter impressions increased by over 2,000%, Facebook saw an increase in reach of 118% and an increase in engagement of 565% and Instagram saw an increase of 170%.
  • Media coverage was secured in a range of publications and media outlets in Bristol and the Isle of Man.
  • One of Bristol’s main shopping centres, the Galleries, joined the campaign, with their centre manager becoming a trustee for the charity.
  • Due to its online nature, supporters were garnered from all over the world, including Australia, Cyprus, Germany and Switzerland, as well as the UK and Isle of Man.